My name is Joseph Brown, and I spent the first eight years of my legal career working, almost exclusively, as a consumer bankruptcy attorney.

I’ve filed hundreds of consumer bankruptcy cases, and met with more than a thousand individuals and families considering the benefits and costs of filing for bankruptcy relief.

For me, it was rewarding work, but I noticed a void in the available professional services which were/are being offered to those needing bankruptcy help.

There are an obscene number of lawyers and law firms offering to guide people through the bankruptcy process, but next to none offering to help those who are coming out of bankruptcy.

Coming out of the bankruptcy is the most important part of the process, yet you are left on your own to navigate this crucial rebuilding phase. I hope that can fill that void.

The secret for your success following your bankruptcy is in creating the strategic money habits which are designed to help you achieve financial security and independence. Once the necessary personal financial habits have been created, the hard work is done.

The only thing needed once the right habits are created is time. The behavior becomes automatic, and the result will be guaranteed.

I want you to be successful. I want you to get the most out of your bankruptcy discharge, and I never want you to be in the position of having to file another bankruptcy in the future.

Most of all, I want you to experience the tremendously rewarding life which can come from achieving financial independence.

So, get involved in our little community. Study the articles found here. Signup for the email list. Allow me to coach you along your journey to becoming financially independent following bankruptcy.

Everyone loves a great comeback story. Let’s get started creating yours!

-Joseph Brown